At Lava Studio, production and post-production live together in perfect harmony. We are experts in post, animation, and visual effects, and we approach every production through that expertise. We don’t just shoot and walk away. We don’t believe in fixing it in post. At Lava, the Director of the production is also the Director of the post, making your production smarter, easier and more cost effective. We understand the science behind the magic of visual communication, and we know every step of bringing your storyboard vividly to life. Most importantly, we are artists, and we know how to work with creative agencies and clients to make great ideas amazing.

Lava was founded in 1999 by Robert Kirkpatrick, a two-time Emmy Award winner, and four-time nominee for Graphic Design. We have created inspired visuals for agencies big and small. McDonald’s and Burger King, Ford and Chevy, Discovery and MTV; all have made a splash with the Lava touch.
Lava’s creative vision has been recognized with multiple Addys, Emmys, Promax and BDA Design Awards. Our unique and spacious studio is located in the heart of Miami’s vibrant broadcast community.


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